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A juicy and sweet red tomato is one of the many characters of comics, animations and illustrations made by BirdAtWork. Tomatoes are easy to draw. We love the color combination of red, green and a little white outlined by black. This simple drawing can be easily combined with the other subjects like birds, a landscape of a nice garden and a beautiful mountain, or just being alone with a nice background. Some birds like cardinal, sparrow and robin love to eat tomatoes whether it’s still green or already ripe.

Tomatoes are a good design in time for summer. They love full sun. They can grow whole year round on a subtropical and tropical places. Tomatoes are refreshing, delicious and healthy kind of vegetable. Tomato juice can quench your thirst and is healthier than some other fruit juice. You can make a good healthy salad of tomato, just add salt, olive oil and vinegar… yummy! They can be a good gift ideas for tomato lovers, vegetarians, vegans, vegetable salad lovers, veggies lovers and gardening lovers.

BirdAtWork Store is available on different online marketplaces like Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6 and TeePublic. You will find all our tomato designs on different products like tshirt, mugs, pillows, puzzles, earrings, magnets and many more on these marketplaces.