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Watermelon and Slice

Watermelon And Slice Illustration

An illustration of a whole watermelon and a slice of it. Watermelon is an oblong or spherical fruit with a striped green or dark green outer rind and a sweet juicy reddish or yellowish color flesh. This fruit can be seeded or seedless. Watermelon plant are vine-like, they crawl on the ground or on any thing or space on where you place them just like squash and cucumber. But, because the fruit grows bigger and heavy it is good to let them crawl on the ground. Watermelon needs lots of sun and water.

Watermelon is one of the favorite refreshing fruits for summer. You can eat this fruit fresh and cold or prepare a tasty watermelon shake. Watermelon hydrates and provides good nutrients to your body. If you already see lots of watermelons on the market, it is time to say “Hello, Summer!”.

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